Polar 3FX The Revolusioner Polarized by Rudy Project

Rudy Project’s new unique Polar 3FX™ polarized lens technology is one of the most revolutionary applications of science and optics that eliminates annoying glare and eye fatigue.

Polar 3f by Rudy ProjectBasically, Polar 3FX is eye candy for your eyes! After years of research and refinement, Polar 3FX was perfected by combining advanced polycarbonate technology and processes with cutting edge coatings, turning conventional thinking on its head. Polar 3FX ensures the complete and thorough elimination of glare, polarized light and harmful UV rays and provides excellent eye protection. Its unique light absorption and molecular properties enhance contrast and depth perception while maintaining color integrity and minimizing eye strain.

Perceived benefits include realized visual acuity, enhanced sharpness, reduced glare and managed polarity. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Rudy Project sunglasses

Rudy Project’s Cutting-Edge Polarized 3FX Material

  • Polycarbonate injected at extraordinary pressure to maximize optical clarity and visual acuity – eliminates eye fatigue and minimizes distortion.
  • Unparalleled protection – Polar 3FX Polycarbonate is rugged (up to 5 times more impact resistant than standard glass).
  • Multi-layered polarizing film and patented processing technology – enhanced, distortion free vision and maximum polarized glare reduction.
  • Lightweight performance – significantly lighter than glass (perfect for athletes and extended wear).
  • 100% UV Protection, blocks 99.9% of polarized light.
  • Polar 3FX lenses are at the core of Rudy Project’s polarized platform and incorporate superior scratch resistant protection, ultimate impact resistance and ultra lightweight comfort.

Advanced Anti-Reflective Coating

  • Rudy Project’s unique multi-layer process provides excellent visual acuity and eliminates annoying back glare that causes eye strain and eye fatigue in bright light conditions.
  • Reduced hue and ambient reflections

Patented 3FX Polarized Mirror Technology

  • Polar 3FX breaks the paradigm of conventional lens thinking with advanced mirror coatings science and has received COLTS “Performance Certification” seal.
  • etc…

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